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How to be more productive

29th March 2013 By Arber Dedaj

The problem of being good at what you do is that everyone is expecting you, to keep doing it. This means that the moment you are free, there is already new work for you! But don’t you think that this leads to the point of burnout? I have been questioning myself often how to avoid it, here it is what I found.

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Tips for better job hunting

29th March 2013 By Arber Dedaj

Finding a job is not easy work to do. If you want to get hired soon, writing a good resume is very important, but not enough. Over the years I have read many articles what to do, here are my favorite tips I found.

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How to stand out with your resume

29th March 2013 By Arber Dedaj

Writing a good resume is very important task for everyone, not just for job seekers. There are plenty of good sources online where you can find useful information, but in this writing I am going to concentrate more on what makes your resume better and how to stand out from the crowd.

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